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A Day at Public School: Toronto's Unique Coffee House Experience

Welcome to Public School – your new favourite coffee hangout in the charming Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto. Where creativity thrives and your taste buds are never left wanting. Favoured as one of my best breakfast places in Toronto, Public School stands out for its charming ambiance, yummy menu, and consistent deliciousness. 

Nestled within the inviting W Toronto hotel, Public School is more than just a coffee bar. It’s a bustling café that offers a warm community atmosphere for Toronto’s most vibrant and imaginative souls.

Kickstarting a sunny day in toronto

Our order started off with a tasty latte and it was perfect. The presentation was great, and the little foam heart was a nice touch. The divine smell of  coffee wafting in the air quickly told me why this spot is, in my opinion, one of the  best breakfast places in Toronto. I am a total coffeeholic, and Public School did NOT disappoint.

A perfectly frothed latte served in a cozy mug at Public School, one of the best breakfast places in Toronto.

Whether it was the yummy smell of a simple black coffee, the refreshing cold brew, or the creamy latte that made my taste buds happy, every cup at the cafe was just so good!

Unlimited Mimosas and Spirited Cocktails!

As I ventured into the search for the ultimate brunch places in Toronto, Public School unveiled their secret weapon: unlimited mimosas! Their bubbly and refreshing drink menu had me captivated from the get-go.

Menu from one of the best breakfast places in Toronto, featuring a variety of bottomless mimosas.
Two delightful cocktails, an Aperol Spritz and a High Ball served chill at one of the best breakfast places in Toronto.

I couldn’t resist their tantalizing Aperol Spritz, which struck the perfect balance of flavors and brought out the brunch enthusiast in me . But wait, it doesn’t end there! I also adventured into trying their “High Fashion” cocktail. It was a delightful concoction, although a tad too strong for my taste buds. But hey, for those who love a spirited kick, this baby ticks all the boxes! 

So grasp your forks and clink your glasses, because Public School is a name that certainly belongs on your Toronto brunch bucket list! 

Cool Vibes Galore

When ranking the top breakfast hotspots in Toronto, a key factor is the overall atmosphere. Public School takes the cake with its lively, inviting space that sparks creativity and conversation. It’s not just a haven for your hunger but also for your soul. Making it an all-rounder in the best breakfast destinations of Toronto!

The delicious brunch verdict

With an unwavering commitment towards local, thoughtfully sourced food, and some great coffee, Public School has earned its stripes in the breakfast league of Toronto.

Whether you’re a local searching for a new breakfast nook, or a visitor scouting breakfast places in Toronto, this spot at 90 Bloor Street East, definitely deserves a spot on your checklist. And hey, don’t forget to follow these guys on Facebook‌ and Instagram to stay updated on what’s hot and toasty!

“Breakfast isn’t just a meal. It’s the foundation of a well-nourished day. Also, fueling both body and mind for the journey ahead. Start your morning right, and you set the tone for success.”

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