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March 2024 toronto events

Welcome to March madness in Toronto! As winter bids adieu, we are gearing up for spectacular number of March events in Toronto. Join us as we explore the must-attend happenings that will add a splash of color to your March calendar. 

Get ready for a month of festivities and Toronto events that showcase the dynamic and diverse spirit of this incredible city!

World Wildlife Day at High Park

March events in Toronto: World Wildlife Day at High Park.

World Wildlife Day at High Park is a celebration of nature’s wonders. Enjoy an exploration of the park’s diverse animal communities. As you wander through wetland and pass through the forest, you’ll encounter a fascinating array of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, each contributing to the rich tapestry of ecosystems within the park. Don’t miss the chance to connect with wildlife and appreciate the beauty of the natural world on this special day at this Toronto Event at High Park.

Arcadia Earth Toronto

You must visit this multi-sensory expedition through planet Earth with Arcadia Earth Toronto.

This innovative experience blends creative art installations and cutting-edge technology across 10 captivating rooms. Through interactive projection mapping, augmented reality, and virtual reality, visitors are not only treated to a visually stunning journey but are also encouraged to take action for a more sustainable future. Delve into an educational, inspiring, and enjoyable adventure suitable for all ages, where the beauty of our planet and the consequences of human actions on the environment come to life. Add this to your list of  March events in Toronto

Visit www.arcadiaearthotoronto.ca for more information and to buy tickets

Sugar Shack TO

March Events in Toronto 2024: Sugar Shack TO presented by Redpath.

Redpath Sugar is thrilled to announce the sweet return of Sugar Shack TO to Toronto’s Waterfront. On March 9 and 10, Sugar Beach will undergo a delightful transformation into a maple-filled Canadiana Extravaganza. General admission is free, and you can find 2 sugar shacks serving up free Ontario maple taffy, maple infused comfort food, live entertainment and activities. You don’t want to miss this sweet Toronto event!

Lumiere : The Art of Light

Lumiere, a spectacular event in Toronto, transforms the city into a mesmerizing canvas of light and creativity. This annual celebration showcases dazzling light installations, interactive exhibits, and immersive art experiences, turning the park into a radiant playground for both locals and visitors

Enjoy fun times and interesting discoveries at these toronto events!

March is the month to spend with family and friends and make some memories!  Hope our list of March events in Toronto inspires you to make a visit and participate in the fun.

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