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Welcome to Toronto Small Business Spotlight! Join us as we showcase the best of Toronto’s business district, highlighting the entrepreneurs who contribute to its success. Our segments take you on a journey through Toronto’s vibrant neighbourhoods, exploring local businesses and hidden gems. Today we will take you through this Toronto dental office that I frequent for my cleanings. 

Join us as we explore the place where your smile is in expert hands with Dr. Nevin.

About Dr. Robert Nevin

Photo of Dr. Nevin whom is owner of Dr. Nevin Dentistry.

With over 30 years behind him, Dr. Robert Nevin is one of the most trusted and skilled dentists in Toronto. 

After graduating from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Nevin opened his own Toronto dental office in 1989. Ever since, he has been dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Nevin stays up-to-date on the latest advancements and techniques in the industry. With his depth of experience and commitment to personalized care, Dr. Nevin has built a reputation of top quality care.

Dental office with a Friendly Atmosphere

Spotlight on local business | dentist Dr. Nevin and his staff including a sweet puppy.

The team at Dr. Robert Nevin’s Toronto dental office prides itself on providing a welcoming and comforting environment for all patients. Their dental hygienists and assistants are highly trained to put patients at ease during cleanings and procedures. They make an effort to make you feel comfortable and cared for and they take the time to explain things in detail. Dr. Nevin has a warm, gentle demeanor and truly cares about each of his patients. He wants everyone to have an outstanding experience at his dental office. Dr. Nevin and his team recognize that developing a relationship of trust is key to helping patients feel relaxed and secure.

Advanced Technology for Exceptional Care

X-Ray that is taken at the dental office.

Dr. Nevin Dentistry offers top-quality patient care using advanced dental technology. They use high-resolution intra-oral cameras for detailed oral examinations, as well as safe digital X-rays that expose patients to less radiation. Additionally, they provide Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening for patients seeking a brighter smile. With these innovative tools, Dr. Nevin Dentistry provides exceptional dental care for their patients in Toronto.

Dental Services Offered

This Toronto dental office offers a comprehensive range of dental services to help patients achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. Some of the key services offered include:

Patient being helped by a dental hygienist at Dr. Nevin Dentistry.

Cleanings: Regular dental cleanings are essential for preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Fillings: Dr. Nevin offers tooth-colored composite fillings to restore teeth that have decayed or have other structural damage.

Crowns: Dental crowns fully encase damaged teeth to protect and strengthen them.

Implants: Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. The implants fuse securely to the jawbone to provide sturdy anchors for replacement teeth.

Whitening: For fast, dramatic brightening, Dr. Nevin provides professional Zoom! teeth whitening.

Dr. Nevin Dentistry offers all the general and cosmetic services you need for exceptional oral health and an attractive, confident smile.

Achieving a Healthy Smile with Dr. Nevin Dentistry

Front street view of Dr. Nevin Dentistry.

Dr. Nevin’s Toronto dental office is all about helping you get a great smile in a way that works for you. They listen to what you need and use the newest tools and tricks to take care of your teeth, whether it’s just a regular check-up or a big change to make your smile shine. They offer all sorts of treatments like making teeth brighter, referrals for orthodontist and periodontist,  or even putting in dental implants, all while making sure it fits your life and your wallet. And they’ll always explain things simply, so you know exactly what’s going on with your dental care.

Convenient Location

This Toronto dental office is located in central Toronto, making it easily accessible by public transit and car. Patients can access the office via the Yonge subway line and major bus routes, as well as find parking directly beside and behind the building. With its central location, Dr. Nevin Dentistry provides quality dental care and exceptional service to patients across the city.

Contact Information

To experience the exceptional dental care from Dr. Robert Nevin Dentistry Professional Corporation, visit or contact them at:

Address: 3126 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4N 2K6

Phone Number: (416) 483-0589

Instagram: Contact Dr. Nevin

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