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The value of a home will go up and down. The market is always changing.

Our Signature Resolution System provides reliable ally to ensure your home stands strong in the unpredictable housing market. With clear communication, personalized guidance, and proactive steps, we help you sell your property smoother and more advantageously. Trust us, your Toronto listing agents, to navigate the market’s twists and turns so you can confidently sell your property with peace of mind.

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“They are flexible in their availability for showings and efficient and detailed in the execution of offers, which you need in this real estate market. They were a great help in finding the right property. “

– Chris salvatore (buyer)

A family that sold their home for top dollar in the that used Toronto Listing Agents.

how it works...

the selling process


prepare your home

Woman sitting on the floor decluttering her house before Toronto listing agents put it up for sale.

Your Toronto listing agents will diligently research recent sales of comparable homes in your area to help determine an attractive asking price. Collaborate with them to refine your pricing strategy. By doing this, you are gaining valuable insights into the local market and enhancing the effectiveness of your property listing.


market your property

A house for sale flyer just displaying advertising for Toronto Listing Agents.

Consider various buyer offers, including price and conditions. Collaborate with your realtor to negotiate mutually beneficial terms. Secure the benefits of a well-negotiated deal by putting the terms in writing.


close the sale

A happy family standing in front of their house with a old sign. They sold their house using Toronto listing agents.

Get ready to move to your new home! If you plan well, it will be easier and less stressful. Talk to your moving team to make sure everything goes smoothly. Soon, you’ll be comfortable in your new place. Congratulations on this exciting new chapter in your life!

Make your home more appealing to buyers by decluttering, making repairs, and staging. Present a well-staged, inviting atmosphere to attract potential buyers and ensure a successful selling process.


set the right price

A photo of a scale with a home symbolizing fair market value. You can achieve that with Toronto listing agents.

Boost your property’s visibility by using high-quality online photos and a mix of traditional and online marketing methods. This will help your home to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of attracting potential buyers, resulting in a more successful and efficient sales process.


Negotiate and Accept the Offer

Image of a family negotiating a deal for their new home with the help of Toronto listing agents.

Work with the buyer during inspections and appraisals and seek assistance from experts for legal and financial matters. Handle the needed paperwork to smoothly transfer ownership and complete the process. Well done, Home Seller! You’ve successfully gone through every step and had a hassle-free home-selling experience.


pack up and move

Boxes all packed and ready to move with the help of Toronto Listings Agents.

Must-Have Guide!

Sell Your Home in Toronto & the GTA: Insider Tips from Top Toronto Listing Agents

Congratulations on your decision to sell your home! With the current hot seller’s market in Toronto and the GTA, you have a great opportunity to get top dollar for your property. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, providing valuable insights and insider tips to help you navigate the competitive Toronto real estate market with ease. 

Get this guide created by Toronto Listing Agents: Team House2Home

We Break the Mold

Discover the Unconventional Charm of Partnering with Us

Choosing to list your home with us, your Toronto listing agents, opens up a world of difference! Unlike other agents, we don’t just list homes, we create engaging home stories. We know every home has a unique tale, and we excel in showcasing it to attract the right buyers.

Working with us means you are partnered with committed local market experts. We navigate the complex Toronto and Greater Toronto real estate with a deep understanding and fresh insights, always keeping your interests at heart.

With us, every client gets a tailor-made strategy. We design your home-listing plan with your specific goals in our focus, ensuring the best possible outcome! You will feel like you’re progressing towards a successful sale.

Finally, we believe in building lasting relationships with you. Even after the ‘sold’ sign is on your lawn, we ensure you’re comfortable with the process and satisfied with the results.

Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

Thinking about selling your home? Know its real worth with us! We offer a free, no-pressure home evaluation, reflecting a true value based on your home’s condition, location, and recent neighbourhood sales. Now you can confidently set your price and attract the right buyers! Reach out to us, your Toronto listing agents today and let’s get your home’s precise value, stress-free.

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Got Questions?

About Selling Real Estate in Toronto?

It’s generally understood that spring is the most favorable time to sell a house, as more buyers are actively looking. However, each market can differ due to local economic and social factors.

Several factors can boost your home’s value, including minor or major renovations, improving curb appeal, doing necessary repairs, professional cleaning, proper staging, and offering competitive pricing.

The duration it takes to sell a house varies largely based on the market, the home’s condition, and the list price. It’s best to discuss this with your real estate agent for an accurate timeline relevant to your circumstances.

Home staging can be beneficial and help potential buyers visualize the space better. It can often result in faster sales and better offers, but consider the associated costs and the state of your local market.

When selling a home, some major expenses could include agent’s commission, home inspection fees, staging costs, repair costs, and legal fees. It’s essential to understand these expenses to set an appropriate selling price.

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