Here are Epic Ways to Level Up Your Weekend in Toronto

Looking for lavish or cheap things to do in Toronto this upcoming weekend? In this blog post, we’ll cover 7 exciting activities you can experience in the city, with options ranging from sports events to art shows, gaming adventures to spa relaxation, and lively nightlife. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or prefer to kick back and unwind, we’ve got you covered. Toronto offers endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment, so get ready to discover some new favorite weekend destinations. 

Hockey Night in Toronto

A hockey game is a great thing to do in Toronto on the weekend.

Toronto Maple Leafs games are an amazing experience. Notably, securing a seat further from the ice can be an economical choice. And, yet one of the cheap things to do in Toronto while still having the experience of a live game. Enter Scotiabank Arena, & you’re surrounded by a wave of blue & white fans with lots of team spirit. Watching the game live you’ll hear the crack of hockey sticks & see players slam into the boards.

Off the ice, a mix of old and new jerseys, fans with face paint, & Leafs supporters coming together over their love for the team.

Activities surround us like raffles, cannon t-shirts & the loveable Carlton the bear. Also, food & lots of it along with beers or sodas spilling in celebration of every goal.

The excitement & the love for the team make it an unforgettable way to end the week.

Step Into a Thrilling Adventure at Casa Loma's Escape Rooms

The Casa Loma Escape Rooms are a fun thing to do in Toronto.

For an unforgettable group activity that goes beyond the usual, try Casa Loma’s themed adventures. These immersive experiences may be on the pricier side, distinguishing them from the usual cheap things to do in Toronto. The Murdoch Mystery Room is a notable option, offering a chance to collaboratively unravel puzzles in an elaborate 1904 setting.

The actors fully engage with you, making you feel transported back in time. The realism of the sets, props and costumes is next level. You are being timed so think fast and smart. It’s much more thrilling and interactive than talking your way through a locked room. One thing I noticed is that it would have been better if we booked the whole room for just our group. With everyone touching and moving the clues, it started to get really confusing.

With an intriguing time-travel mystery, Casa Loma’s escape games offer next-level entertainment.

Check Out the Hilarious Improv Under Hypnosis Show

If you are looking for things to do in Toronto, Hyprov is a great show that will make you laugh.

Let’s dive into a side-splitting experience at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto, offering a unique twist on the typical night out and a deviation from the usual cheap things to do in Toronto. ‘Improv Under Hypnosis’ is not just another show; this live performance is hilariously unpredictable!

Imagine actors, under hypnosis, performing the most bizarre and hilarious scenes. The beauty lies in its spontaneity—every show is a unique experience because the entire act is improvised! The sight of hypnotized actors diving into crazy situations guarantees a good laugh.

From pretending to be animals to unexpected dance-offs, the hypnotist’s crazy ideas turn the stage into a tons of funny, unplanned moments. The Ed Mirvish Theatre, with stunning architecture, adds a touch of elegance to the night’s entertainment.

For a laughter-filled evening that breaks away from the common activities and offers an unforgettable experience, ‘Improv Under Hypnosis’ is a must-see.

The Rec Room Entertainment Hub

The Rec Room on Bremner is the ultimate entertainment hub for a night out. This massive venue is packed with a huge variety of old and new games.

If you are looking for a lively cheap night in Toronto, the Rec Room is a really cool place to visit. The food is delicious.

Test your skills at classics like pool, ping pong, and Pac Man. Or step into a racing simulators and challenge your friends to a virtual race. And, When you’re ready for friendly competition, head over to the axe throwing lanes.

After working up an appetite, The Rec Room’s got you covered. Three10 and The Shed are ready to serve you pub food and shareable plates. If you’re part of SCENE+, you can earn and redeem points.

With games, tasty eats and a lively atmosphere, The Rec Room is an awesome spot for quality time with your favourite crew. It’s the perfect pick when you want a fun night out when you are looking for cheap things to do in Toronto.

Reset and Recharge at Luxury Spas

If you’re looking to reset this weekend, treat yourself to a spa day at one of Toronto’s many luxury spas. Enjoy the amenities alongside many spa treatments to choose from.

Our top spa picks include:

  • Four Seasons Spa -With a super calming vibe and treatments that will make you feel like royalty, you won’t want to miss. You get access to the pool, gym, and both wet and dry saunas too.

  • The Stillwater Spa – This spa is an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the city. It’s on the pricey side but delivers luxurious results. Lot’s of treatments to choose from.

  • Shangri-La Spa – For ultimate luxury and pampering visit the Shangri-La Spa. In addition to top-notch treatments, they serve delicious baklava and tea afterwards. A sweet ending to a great day!

So ditch the stress and enjoy a weekend of relaxation at one of Toronto’s many world-class spas.

Canada's Wonderland is Amusing

Just outside of Toronto, in Vaughan, is Canada’s Wonderland. It’s at the top of the list when you’re looking for fun things to do around the city on a weekend.

This amusement park is a blast, filled with exciting roller coasters for the brave, and chill rides for those who want to take it easy. It’s not just rides, though. There’s loads of fun stuff to do, a water park to cool off in during hot days, and plenty of places to eat so you won’t get hungry. And you have to try the funnel cake – it’s a must! So whether you’re looking for a thrill or just a nice day out with the family, Canada’s Wonderland has it all. It’s a lively, fun spot just a short drive from downtown Toronto.

Whats Happening at the Distillery District?

The distillery district is a great way to people watch and is a fun and cheap thing to do in Toronto on the weekend.

Next up, make sure you hit the Distillery District, a real gem for getting a taste of Toronto on the weekend.  Picture this: cute, old cobblestone streets full of shops that sell everything – art, clothes, beauty products, and even cool handmade things. But it’s not just a shopping spot. There are plenty of cafes and places to eat, serving up some top-notch food and drinks in the city. And there’s always something fun going on, like outdoor art to check out or special markets that pop up depending on the season. This spot in Toronto is like its own lively little world, great for wandering around and making memories. So whether you love trying new foods, shopping until you drop, or just enjoying a cool place, the Distillery District has you covered.

Things to do In Toronto: The fun never stops

From expensive to cheap things to do in Toronto, this city has so much to offer on the weekends. With activities that appeal to all sorts of interests. From From spectator sports to live entertainment, gaming hubs to spa escapes, there are endless ways to enjoy your time off in this vibrant city.

The key is deciding what you feel like doing, your budget, and who you want to do it with.

The options shared here are just a sampling of the nonstop energy Toronto radiates on Saturdays and Sundays. Now that you have some fresh inspiration, it’s time to get out there. Try something familiar or totally new.

Wherever you choose to spend your upcoming weekends, the important thing is experiencing the passion, creativity, and liveliness that make Toronto so special. Don’t let the weekend go to waste. Toronto awaits you!


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