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North York first established as a township in 1922. This neighborhood became a vibrant piece of the city’s heart in 1998, making everyone feel right at home. What makes it really stand out? It’s the mix of homes you’ll find here – from cozy spots that are more “affordable” to dazzling luxury real estate in Toronto.

This area includes famous streets like Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue. With great public transit links, North York is your ticket to everywhere. Going North, South East or West is a breeze.

What started as a simple area with farms and little villages, grew into a bustling area with over 655,000 people. If you’re dreaming of a place to call home, whether you’re watching your wallet or looking to splurge, North York is where those dreams become reality. It’s a place that celebrates affordable to luxury real estate in Toronto.


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Location of North York

Nestled in the north end, North York is a gem for various affordable and luxury real estate in Toronto. You will find Yonge Street, Sheppard Avenue, and Finch Avenue among some major streets in North York. Not to forget the presence of major highways such as Highway 401, Highway 404, and the Don Valley Parkway (AKA Don Valley Parking Lot), adding immense accessibility to the area.

Moreover, North York cozies up to several other appealing Toronto neighbourhoods. To elaborate, East York, Scarborough, and York sit adjacent to North York, while it also shares borders with areas of Thornhill and Markham to the north.

The Toronto subway system stitches through North York with several stations along the Yonge-University and Sheppard lines. Furthermore, other transit options to get around or out of the city are a breeze. An extensive bus network to Toronto Pearson International Airport is located just northwest.

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Quiet Residential Neighbourhoods

Experience the tranquility of North York, a serene enclave nestled amidst luxury real estate in Toronto. Its tree-lined streets adorned with single-family homes exude a peaceful neighborhood ambiance, offering a retreat from the bustling city life. Yet, enjoy the convenience of a short commute to downtown, where the vibrant pulse of the city awaits.

Farther From Downtown Nightlife & Attractions

Being in the northern suburbs means you’ll have a longer commute to downtown entertainment and events. The core is still accessible, but not as convenient.

Great Schools

North York is home to some of the top ranked schools in Toronto like Crestwood Preparatory College and Avondale Alternative. The area offers quality education options for families.

Less Transit Action Than Downtown

The North York subway lines don’t reach as far north, so you’ll have to rely more on buses and driving. The transit network isn’t as robust as the core.

Parks, Ravines & Nature

One of the best parts of North York is the abundance of green spaces. Several river valleys and forested ravines like Wilket Creek Park offer trails to explore. There are also over 160 municipal parks in the district.

More Suburban Feel Than Urban

Parts of North York have a quieter suburban vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of downtown. For some, this is a pro, while others prefer an urban lifestyle.

Variety Of Housing

In the domain of luxury real estate in Toronto, North York presents a spectrum of architectural diversity and housing selections. Ranging from contemporary condos to post-war bungalows, it offers a lavish array of options suited to a multitude of preferences and financial capabilities.

Traffic Congestion on Major Roads

Arterial roads like Yonge Street, Finch Avenue, and Sheppard Avenue can get quite congested during rush hours. Getting around by car in North Toronto takes longer than downtown.

Good Value

Due to lower demand compared to downtown, North York offers relatively affordable real estate. You can get more house for your money here versus central Toronto neighborhoods.

Parking Can Be Difficult in Some Areas

North York street parking is limited in busier pockets, which can be frustrating. Underground parking isn’t always available either. You may need to walk farther from your parking spot.

Home Styles in North york

In the realm of luxury real estate in Toronto, North York presents a rich tapestry of home styles mirroring the area’s evolution across the years. Here, we highlight three prevalent types of residences you can encounter:


Post-War Bungalow

Post-war bungalows were built in huge numbers across North York in the 1940s and 1950s to meet rising demand for affordable single-family homes. These compact homes often have low-pitched roofs, large front windows, and minimal exterior decoration. Many original owners have updated and expanded them over the years.

Post War bungalows were popular in North York after WW3.

60’s / 70’s Split Level

Another popular style is the split-level, which divides living space over staggered half-levels. This creates a multi-story single family homes that still have a low profile viewed from the street. Split-level was trendy and luxury real estate in Toronto during the 60s/70s since they allow separate zones for parents, kids, and guests.


Newer Infill Homes and Townhouses

Infill houses and townhouses are becoming pretty common. They’re modern, yet they blend naturally into the more traditional neighborhoods. They’re designed to be surprisingly spacious and commonly with large windows. They also have a sleek, modern appeal. Townhouses are typically more compact, often come with small yards, and have their own individual entranceways. So, when people talk about luxury real estate in Toronto, these infill homes and townhouses could very well be what they’re referring to.

Infill homes are popular now in North York.

Top Schools in North York

Not only will you find luxury real estate in Toronto, North York is home to some of the top-ranked schools in Toronto and the surrounding region. Here are 5 standout schools in the area:

St. Andrew Catholic School

St. Andrew Catholic School is a Catholic elementary school in North York serving students from kindergarten to grade 8. The school has a strong academic focus as well as programs in music, arts, and athletics. St. Andrew promotes community service and instills Catholic values in its students.

Claude Watson School For The Arts

Claude Watson is a public middle school in North York that offers specialized arts programming. Students must audition to attend Claude Watson. The school has intensive curriculums in dance, drama, music, and visual arts. Graduates often go on to attend arts highschools.

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

Mackenzie C.I. is a large public high school in North York known for its strong academics, arts, and athletics. Mackenzie has an International Baccalaureate program as well as specialized technology and culinary programs. The school consistently ranks among the top in the province.

Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

TCHAI is a Jewish day school serving elementary and middle school students in North York. In addition to secular studies, TCHAI provides intensive Hebrew language and Jewish studies programs. The school promotes Jewish values, culture, and community.

Country Garden Montessori School

This private Montessori school in North York provides programs for toddlers through grade 6. The Montessori method emphasizes self-directed learning and hands-on education. Country Garden has small class sizes and an individualized approach to teaching each child.

North York is home of many top schools.
Luxury real estate in Toronto is not the only thing you will find in North York. It is home to several golf courses.

Places Of Interest in North York

North York has many interesting and exciting places for residents and visitors to explore. Here are some of the top spots:

Sunnybrook Park

This large park located in central North York features wooded trails, streams, ponds, and gardens. It's a popular spot for walking, cycling, and enjoying nature without leaving the city. The park hosts outdoor concerts in the summer.

Don River Ravine

The Don River cuts through North York, creating a scenic ravine with hiking trails and beautiful views. The trails allow you to explore the forested areas and observe local wildlife right in an urban setting.

Yorkdale Mall

Yorkdale Mall in North York is a high-end shopping mall, known for its selection of luxury brands. But it's not just about shopping; the mall also offers a variety of entertainment and dining options. You can catch a movie, enjoy a meal ranging from fast food to fine dining, and attend the occasional event. It's a one-stop destination for those looking to spend a day indulging in retail therapy and more.

Prosserman JCC

This Jewish community centre located on Bathurst North of Sheppard in North York, offers programs, classes, camps, and facilities focused on arts, education, recreation, and culture. It hosts events throughout the year and is open to all in the community.

Don Valley Golf Course

Don Valley Golf Course in North York showcases a classic mix of hole varieties, making it appealing for all golf enthusiasts. What sets it apart is its remarkable setting amidst stunning natural surroundings. It gracefully blends sporting challenges with the raw beauty of nature, thereby positioning it as a remarkable and memorable place to golf.

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