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5 must visit dog parks

Toronto has not just 1, not 2, but a paw-tastic 75 off-leash areas where you can bring your furry bestie to play! And if you’re looking for the coolest and quirkiest spots to take your pup, then listen up – I’m about to dish out 5 of the best off-leash dog parks in all of Toronto. So get ready to fetch some great ideas and make your next doggy adventure one to remember!

Sherwood Park

Moby running at Sherwood Dog Park in Toronto. His favourite place!

Listen up people! Have you heard about the fantastic dog park in Toronto called Sherwood Park? Your fur baby can have a blast exploring and splashing around in the Burke Brook stream. Not only is this park super clean, but it’s a hit with runners and families too! With plenty of space to run and roam and a fence to prevent any runaway pups, it’s the perfect spot. Sherwood Park is situated near Bayview Avenue and Mount Pleasant Road, just north of Eglinton Avenue. So why not treat your furry friend (and yourself) to some fresh air and beautiful surroundings at Sherwood Park? Get ready for a tail-wagging time!

Cherry Beach

Prepare for a sniff-out, folks! Cherry Beach is Toronto’s top off-leash canine coast. Imagine 6 acres of open space and lake access, a cottage retreat vibe without the road trip. Yes, parking can be a handful, but once sorted, your dog gets a free rein! The secret trail along Lake Ontario provides zen views of the city skyline. The sandy beach and shallow waters promise a splashing good time while the skilled swimmers can venture deeper too! Although there’s no separate dog size zones and trash bins are only at the entrance, the beach offers dogs, views, grub, activities and more. Unleash Rover and soak in the cityscape at Cherry Beach!

High Park

There are many trails at High Park. The dog park is located in a gated area.

Good news, dog lovers! West End Toronto’s High Park is more than a stroll – it’s a canine craze!

 Situated between Grenadier Restaurant and the zoo, this off-leash park is the talk of the town for doggy playdates. The Dog Hill is the cream of the crop for doggie adventures, though be mindful as the area isn’t fully fenced. Running water is available on site – just equip yourself with the necessary clean-up gear. Big benches and tables create perfect spaces for dog parent hangouts. This 8.5-acre doggy haven houses natural trails, open spaces, and shady paths. Remember, this paradise serves everyone, so respect non-dog owners and adhere to legal requirements for your dog. Preserve the beauty of High Park– your pup will be grateful!

Sunnybrook Park

At Sunnybrook dog park there is a great dane meet up every once in a while.

Heard of Sunnybrook Park? It’s a magical haven brimming with fun-filled ventures for you and your furry pal. Gifted by Alice Kilgour to Toronto, this park is a tail-wagging delight with its mix of trails – paved and through the woods, along with a spacious off-leash area. It’s also home to historic buildings, and horse stables. Beware of leash laws, adherence is cost-effective. For bonus joys, check out the river nearby; perfect for a quick swim or clean-up. And don’t miss the 1.5 km adventure trail before you leave for a fetching end to your day. Join us at the dog-party epicenter, Sunnybrook park – can’t wait to see you and your pup!

Evergreen Brickworks

Introducing Evergreen Brickworks, the ultimate pup playground in East Toronto!

More than a dog park, it promises unforgettable adventures both for pets and their humans. Prepare for wagging tails as the park boasts open fields, wooded trails, and designated play zones for energetic pups. The cherry on top? A historic backdrop of a former brick factory. Exercise meets history as you connect with fellow dog owners while appreciating the charm of a repurposed industrial space. Grab your leash and explore Evergreen Brickworks – it’s paw-sitively awesome!

Dog Parks In Toronto:

Toronto’s dog parks might just be the best thing since sliced bread (or bacon treats, if you’re a pup). 

Much more than an ordinary stroll

For pet owners, Toronto’s dog parks are truly the greatest invention since bacon-flavored treats. With the dense woods of Sherwood Park to the sandy beachfront of Cherry Beach, there’s a perfect spot for every dog and owner. Whether it’s traversing through a ravine or navigating paved trails, these parks ensure a delightful experience. Remarkably, the historic Evergreen Brickworks transports your canine to another time. Unleashed dogs can frolic freely, come rain, sun, or snow. So, leash up your pup, prepare some treats, and head out to these doggie utopias. Your pooch’s gratitude might even turn your outing into an unexpectedly joyous escape! Visit our blog for all things real estate!

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