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3 Vaughan Restaurants you must try

Did you know Vaughan, not far from Toronto, is full of yummy food spots? If you’re on the hunt for great places to eat, keep reading on. We’re about to share the Top 3 places to eat in Vaughan that will wow your taste buds and fill you up with happiness.

Sapore By Zafferano Restaurant

Sapore by Zafferano is one of many great places to eat in Vaughan.

First up, let’s talk about Sapore by Zafferano. This lovely Italian spot is tucked away at 8000 Highway 27. The crew there were all really kind, making us feel like we’d come for a special treat. We’re all into Italian fare, and a standout for us was their Antipasto platter. Talk about variety! It even featured the best fried calamari we’ve ever tasted. The pasta was super tasty too. They’ve got an awesome wine list that worked brilliantly with our food – it added a nice touch to a fantastic meal.

We couldn’t resist trying the Creme Brule with an Espresso to cap off the night. Everything was so delicious that by the time we finished, our pants were feeling extra tight!

Every corner of the restaurant sparkled with charm, even the bathrooms. We had a blast, and I’d recommend Sapore by Zafferano as one of the top places to eat in Vaughan. It’s definitely a favorite for me and my friends.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Chop Steakhouse & Bar is also included in one of the best places to eat in Vaughan if you are looking for a vibe and steak bites!

Next up on our foodie tour is the fun and buzzing Chop Steakhouse and Bar, tucked away just off Highways 7 and 401. From the moment you step in, the energy is contagious – especially out on the patio! It’s a great setting for a superb dining adventure.

Right off the bat, we dove into a bunch of appetizers – the juicy steak bites are a total must-try, trust me on this. And don’t miss the Mexican Street Corn, also great.

For our main courses, we sampled the Avocado Super Bowl and The Beyond Meat Burger, both of which were top-notch. Although you must also try the baby back ribs and, of course, their namesake steak.

Now, the best part – dessert! May I suggest trying the dessert trio? It’s perfect for hitting the sweet spot with a spoonful of a few different popular treats.

From start to finish, Chop Steakhouse delivered outstanding dishes in an awesome atmosphere. If you’re looking for places to eat in Vaughan, Chop is a vibe you will want to check out. Enjoy the atmosphere, savor the food, and take in a mouth watering experience.

Buca Vaughan Restaurant

Buca has many locations and one of them is one of the places to eat in Vaughan.

Finally, let’s chat about Buca Vaughan! Think of it as a cozy slice of Italy right here in Vaughan. With multiple locations in Toronto, it’s great to finally have one nearby.

Every bite, whether it’s their standout pasta or creative meat dishes, is bursting with Italian goodness. And desserts? Trust me, you’ll want to save room for those—they’re a treat all on their own!

But, Buca isn’t just about the fantastic food. It’s about the people too – the team here is on the ball. Plus, their cocktails are the cherry on top of a perfect dining experience!

There are many Vaughan restaurants, Buca being one that serves delicious cocktails.

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, looking for a chill spot to catch up with pals, or in the mood for some creative cocktails, mark Buca on your Vaughan must-visit list. It’s the go-to place for good vibes and great tastes!

Savour Vaughan Cuisine

I hope you had a delightful experience exploring the top three places to eat in Vaughan with us, indulging in the delectable array of culinary delights that this vibrant city has to offer. Visit our blog for more about our beautiful city.

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