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Are you prepared to explore the Toronto Housing Market Forecast? We’re delving deep into the Toronto West real estate market, concentrating on the latest statistics and trends for August 2023. We aim to offer valuable insights into Toronto and GTA real estate news for anyone curious about the market. Come and gather crucial information about the world of Toronto West real estate. So, let’s not delay any further—let’s get started!

High Level market Overview

First, let’s examine the months of inventory—a vital gauge of the supply-demand equilibrium that aids both buyers and sellers in determining the market’s nature. The Toronto Housing Market Forecast provides insights into these dynamics.

In August, the market featured a consistent 2.3 months of supply across all home types, unchanged from the previous month. Consequently, Toronto West remains firmly within a seller’s market.

average price

Toronto Housing Market Forecast will be indicated by looking at average price of the sale of homes in a given area.

Let’s discuss the average home prices in Toronto West. The current average stands slightly above $993,000, showing a decrease from the July reported figure of $1,043,000.

However, it’s important to note that this average encompasses all areas. When we examine specific neighborhoods, such as W07 (Stonegate Queensway), the average sale price approaches $1.36 million. In contrast, W10, which includes Rexdale and West Humber, has an average price of $850,000.

list to sale price ratio

Let’s now examine the average list to sale price ratio, which reveals how closely properties sold in relation to their list prices. In August, the ratio stood at 100%, indicating that properties generally sold for close to their list price. This figure represents a decline from the previous month, as July reported a ratio of 104%.  Toronto West is divided into 10 distinct areas, and with the exception of 3, all areas are experiencing sales at or above the list price. It’s essential to note that this ratio can be influenced by the chosen selling strategy. The Toronto Housing Market Forecast informs us that despite low inventory and high demand, the trend of underpricing homes to incite bidding wars continues.

days on the market

You might be wondering about the average time it takes for properties to sell in Toronto West. In August, the average days on market was 21 days. This shows a slight increase compared to the 18-day average in July.

When the Toronto Housing Forecast is down, houses tend to sit for a longer period of time

We continue to observe that most listings incorporate offer dates. Only time will reveal whether this represents a temporary pattern or a more lasting trend, particularly in light of the uncertainty surrounding interest rates.

interest rates

You may have heard already that the Bank of Canada did not raise rates as of the latest update on September 6th holding at 5%. The Toronto housing market forecast indicates that the Bank of Canada may have to raise rates in the future, as inflation may stay high for some time.  Right now, we are seeing mortgage rates between mid 5 to over 6%. If you are considering entering the market, be sure to check out all mortgage options that are available to you.

market trend insights

In summary, when we analyze the market statistics for August, we can conclude that the Toronto West real estate market remains resilient. The average selling price hovers around $993,000 for all home types, while the days on the market have increased to 21, up from 18 in July.

Several factors, including higher lending costs, ongoing economic uncertainty, the impact of Bank of Canada’s policy decisions, and limited listing availability, have collectively contributed to a decline in home sales in August 2023 compared to the same period last year.

The dynamic nature of the housing market underscores the importance of staying informed. While general market updates offer valuable insights, they may not always cater to your specific neighborhood.

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